christmas is dead

by where is my spaceship

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frosty melts.


released December 25, 2009

josh evensen wrote all the lyrics and a lot of the music. sang. banjo. guitar. matt olsson coarranged. and basically was responsible for mary christmas being awesome. did drums. uke. melodica. accordion.



all rights reserved


where is my spaceship Hackensack, New Jersey

where is my spaceship is mostly josh evensen. he lives in new jersey (the top part).

mostly crocodile was recorded over 4 years in a garbage bag floating on the hudson. josh was never afraid of drowning. it was released in 2015 and met with widespread critical acclaim. p much. basically everyone everywhere loved it.

josh is working on a new album now. everyone everywhere will love it.
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Track Name: claws
i bet the wind is bitter
and the night is cold
and after all these years
i bet the routines got old
and he just wishes he was home

i know the job is thankless
i know the hours are long
and after all these years
the thrill is gone
and he just wants it to be through
but what else would he do?

no, i don't envy him the presents
his reindeer or sleigh
cause he's all by himself
when it's down to the day
and no-one should be so alone
on christmas day
Track Name: mary christmas
when i gave you my hand,
i thought i knew what it was i was getting into
i thought i knew

i knew what we would be -- so much in love
i knew we would be so happy forever
and yeah i guess we could still be happy together
if you were here

when i gave you my hand,
i thought i knew what it was i was getting into
what the hell have i gotten into?
i thought i knew.
Track Name: dennis k
got pictures i pull out
from the letters
we burn a few hundred each week
my brother got hold
of some old travelers magazines

three bucks an hour sounds good
if it gets me from under the tree
yeah minimum wage sounds fine
if it gets me out of these shadows

if it gets me free

they call me a craftsman you know
it dont mean a thing
id give all my craft
for the sun and the sea
id give up my hands
if itd get me free
Track Name: rudolph
i aint got no friends
being in the lead doesnt make a man many of them
runnin in the lead doesnt make a man many a friend

the boss aint my friend
boss's got a wife and she never gets a word from him
runnin in the lead doesnt make a man many a friend

is there some way
is there some how
is there some hope
to be found
Track Name: f
im falling apart
there goes my nose
there it goes

im running away
there go my eyes
say goodbye