the loneliness

by where is my spaceship

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joseph was the original nice guy™


released December 25, 2010

josh evensen wrote. sang. drums. banjo. guitar. harmonica. recorded. steven donahue coarranged. wrote some. helped record drums. matt olsson played ukelele. lent josh his banjo.



all rights reserved


where is my spaceship Hackensack, New Jersey

where is my spaceship is mostly josh evensen. he lives in new jersey (the top part).

mostly crocodile was recorded over 4 years in a garbage bag floating on the hudson. josh was never afraid of drowning. it was released in 2015 and met with widespread critical acclaim. p much. basically everyone everywhere loved it.

josh is working on a new album now. everyone everywhere will love it.
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Track Name: conception
i'm staring through your window in the snow
you can't see me, but i think he knows
the smile on his face
leering vulture grin
i want to hate you,
but i know that ours is not to choose

i can see how this is gonna go
and it feels like losing blood and skin and bone
you'll be in his arms
and i'll be in the cold
i'll always be the one out in the cold

i can't blink and i can't look away.
where's my son?
Track Name: immaculate
you've gone to glass
this room the foundry
you were poured out
he took your body
i watched you burning
full of god's glory
the pillar of moses
he took you from me

i'm just a candle
and his light absorbs me
i'm not enough now
when we were both candles
you could adore me
but everything's changed now
i'm not enough now
Track Name: the loneliness
i would have married you for love
but now it's something you're above
you won't say it
but i know

you'll never be my blushing bride
you just need someone,
anyone at your side
you won't say it
but i know

i'll still marry you
but i can't love you
it wouldn't be right

he could have anyone he liked
but he had to go and take what's mine
and leave me empty
and leave me low
you won't say it
but i know

i'll still marry you,
but i can't love you
it wouldn't be right

i'll still marry you,
but you can't love me.
it wouldn't be right.
Track Name: god's good truth
you'll never be my wife
and he won't be my son
but jonah ran from god
and taught us we can't run

i can't disappear and i can't get away
there's nothing i can do

but stay with you
a mother and a virgin and that's god's good truth
and i'll tell everyone he gave us the child in a dream
and that's god's good truth