nothing / no one / no distinction (single)

by where is my spaceship

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single off DIEFAILING


released May 22, 2017

written and performed by josh evensen.
drums by matt olsson.

recorded partially by josh evensen,
and then by kevin mcmahon at marcata studios.
mixed and mastered by kevin mcmahon at marcata studios.

art by ashley tobin.


all rights reserved


Track Name: nothing / no one / no distinction
everythings a waste. its all pointless.
yeah it’s a big deal but we’re already over it.
empty is kid shit. lonely is passe.
30's the new 17. and you’re ok.

yeah you're ok.

you were seven. you were sixteen.
you were twenty one, so i guess you were eighteen.
you were thirty six. you were fourty five.
its been a long time, but you were fourty five.

you let things stumble by,
you let them get away
so now you blame yourself
for all the moves you didn’t make
we've all wanted to turn around
go back to being kids
like just because we're old
we aren't fucking idiots

like just because we're old
we aren't fucking idiots

i know you'd like to think you could've
got that job
you could have kept that girl
you could have won that fight
you could have buckled down
you could have
could have been strong
you could have done things right
you could have even tried
then you’d have a different life
you could have

i guess you could have
but you are fine
you are alright
you just can't do it

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