mostly crocodile

by where is my spaceship

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mostly crocodile was written and recorded by josh evensen over the past 3 years in a garbage bag floating on the hudson. he was never scared of drowning.


released February 21, 2015

written, recorded, mixed, and produced by josh evensen.
mixed and mastered by kevin carafa.
drums and backup vocals by matt olsson.
nylon string guitar and backup vocals by steven donahue.
trumpets by andrew diggrius.
cover by ashley tobin.
cover photographed by kevin p hickey.


all rights reserved


Track Name: snake juice anthem
i'm gonna sleep next to a can of open paint
drink until i permanently cannot feel my face
those brain cells haven't done me any favors lately

find a nice dumb girl and get married
move to some dumb town in some dumb valley
get a job get a good steady job
learn to not be a dick,
maybe act like a human

pop a couple harrys, dicks, and sallys
love them and not just because we're empty
i can feel it
i could be that guy
and it would be so easy

i'm on my way

give me whiskey, snake juice, rum, paint thinner
spin the chamber, pick a fucking winner

i can feel the golden glow
my apathy starting to go
the cynic in me suffocating
christ it's fucking liberating
Track Name: red shirt
i come down to your planet from time to time
shake hands with the natives
the way these creatures flock to you
i know the score
i get it

the writings on the wall

you look at me the way you do
and i just cant be sure
am i really the one you mean?
maybe your visions gotten blurred

come on, look i'm telling you
it's written everywhere
but the walls have all closed in
and now it's hard to see
exactly what the message is
but i'm sure it's someone else
you must mean captain kirk
or maybe superman

you deserve a superman
i'm just a guy in a red shirt

the writing's on the wall
Track Name: sad songs all night
i feel like i'm dying
i'm not just tired
i haven't been sleeping

sleep is for suckers
and i'm not a sucker

and you know some nights when i'm alone
maybe i think i might be lonely
i maybe think i hear that smiths song
as sung by jeff buckley

it's called i know it's over
but it isn't over
what was i thinking?
i'm not a sucker
and i don't get lonely
cause i'm not a loser
you can get lonely
and i won't give a damn

damns are for suckers

i don't care about you
Track Name: dead brother
brothers are for chumps
i wish mine was dead
dead brother
Track Name: it wont be forever
may works at a butcher
she likes the sound the cleaver makes
she didn't like it back when she started
but after making it all day every day

all day every day

she'd never really seen a lot of blood
one time her brother fell and skinned his knee
for the first few years it made her feel sick all the time
now she finds it kind of comforting

like a warm bath
all day every day

the first year her stomach was always upset
and she'd cry when they got stock that wasn't already dead
she'd call me on the phone and ask me "how did i get here"
and i'd say "hey, you're ok, it won't be forever"

hello, my name is mabel,
and i like the sound the cleaver makes
Track Name: lemon heart
the lord of lies
the morning star
the old head of my dad's god's heavenly choir
is doing a mighty kegstand in my heart

the prince of the night
and the end and the dark
parties in the strobe lit halls of my heart
it's a rager
he's having a good time

i guess i could learn a thing or two
the devil knows how to see a silver lining

if anybody's listening
won't you say a prayer for me
help me to live my life the way i want
if anybody's listening
maybe draw a pentegram
it doesn't have to be in blood
but i've heard it helps

if anybody's listening
make the sign in the air
make the sign on your body
make it in your notebook
Track Name: being happy
i can see you being happy
off in the distance
i can see you smiling and in the sun
and it's just over there

and if you keep on going
you will arrive
and everything everything
will be just fine

and you'll say "i did everything just right"
Track Name: anything
when i wake up in the morning
i feel like i can do anything
so i make a pot of coffee and go to the office
sit at a desk until five thirty

i guess this is anything

but hey i've got cash for beer
and taco bell and cigarettes
and i can get sushi at the mall if i want to
or a brand new pair of jeans

i can do anything
Track Name: champion swimmers
champion swimmers with beautiful shoulders
ground breaking poets with senses of diction
diction to die for

you write me postcards
from sleep in the arms of some critical thinker
he doesn't have answers
he just knows the question
and how to ask it

and that's all that matters
i've never known
Track Name: roll away the stone
craig finn, teach me to love
the way that you love
crucified sometimes
but not too hung up

i just want open arms forever

or maybe just teach me to give up
i know you know
it can't be the loud voice
cause i've still got these ghosts

i've tried to shake them off
but they won't go
no matter what i do
i can't roll away the stone

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